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23rd - 26th May 2011, Harrogate

Wednesday 25th May

0845 - 1045
Parallel Sessions

Clinical Chemistry and the Coroner Cancer - Meeting the Needs of the Patient

Forensic work: legal aspects/required standards and the implications for NHS Clinical Chemistry laboratories

Mr Andrew Rennison, Birmingham

A session exploring the problem of cancer in the UK and the evolving role laboratories have in its diagnosis and management.

Chair: Dr Margaret McDonnell, Belfast

The Laboratory Investigation of forensic toxicology cases.

Dr Stephen George, Birmingham

Cancer in the UK

Dr Louise Jones, Cancer Research UK

Forensic/Morbid cases

Dr Nigel Cooper, Newcastle

The laboratory and cancer - the role of biomarkers in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer

Dr Cathie Sturgeon, Edinburgh

Coronial work - future developments

Dr Stephen Morley, Sheffield

Ovarian Cancer

Professor Ian Jacobs, London


Lung Cancer

Dr Petra Stieber, Munich

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1045 - 1145
Break, Industry Sponsored Workshops

Workshops from
IDS and Sebia UK  

IDS: Clinical Application of Bone Markers.

Prof Erik Eriksen, Oslow 

Sebia: Myeloma, The patient's Perspective

Mr Eric Low, Chief Executive, Myeloma UK 

Sebia: New Applications for the Sebia Capillarys2 Flex Piercing

Mr Martin Hurl, Sebia UK

1145 - 1230
An unfinished journey: the role of laboratory medicine in patient safety
Professor Mario Plebani, Padova, Italy

1230 - 1400
Lunch and Exhibition
1300 - 1345
Attended Poster Session and Hot Topic Posters 
1400 - 1445 
Professors' Prize Lecture 
1445 - 1515
1515 - 1715
Parallel Sessions 
Clinical Practice Session Research in Clinical Biochemistry  ACB Medal Award

Head over the parapet - suggestions for harmonizing laboratory profile content

Dr Stuart Smellie, Bishop Auckland

Current research activity in clinical biochemistry laboratories: what does the future hold for biomarker research programmes?

Miss Sophie Hepburn, Leeds

Chair Julian Barth, President, Association for Clinical Biochemistry.

Evaluation of a kisspeptin assay as a screening tool for pre - eclampsia.

James Logie, Wishaw

Glycosylation of LgG papaprotiens: a potential marker of malignancy.

Jessica Schroeder, Redditch

Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the tyrosinase gene and their association with the risk of and severity of multiple sclerosis.

Naomi Rankin, Stoke - on - Trent

Development of an assay for the genetic diagnosis of 17B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 3 deficiency.

Ghazaleh Esmaeil Pourmahram, Hertfordshire

Real - time PCR genotyping of four SNPs associated with Warfarin sensitivity and their frequency in an anticoagulated patient group. 

Fiona Davidsom, Bristol

Manipulation of the active site of human glycolate oxidase to assess the role of long - chain hydroxy - acid oxidase in glyoxylate metabolosm.

Nick Unsworth, London

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Genetic screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia is a priority

For: Dr Dermot Neely, Newcastle upon Tyne

Against: Professor Jonathan Kay, Oxford 

Funding opportunities for clinical biochemistry research.

Professor Lindsay Turnbill, Hull

Turning ideas into funded research.

Professor Ian Young, Belfast

Doing meaningful research with limited resource.

Professor Eric Kilpatrick


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