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23rd - 26th May 2011, Harrogate

Point of Care Coordinators Meeting

Attendees at the POCT Coordinators meeting are invited to attend the POCT/NICE Diagnostic session and the Flynn Lecture (CLICK HERE for further information).

0845 - 1045 Point of Care Testing

Chair: Mr Ian Barlow, Scuntorpe

UKAS accreditation for point of care testing.

Dr Jane Beaumont, London 

UKAS POCT accreditation: "A real life example"

Ms Claire Pridige, Bradford

Blunders and how to avoid them.

Mrs Lynda Petley, Frimley Park

Point of care testing in the development of Primary care.

Prof Chris Price, Oxford


 1145 - 1230 Morning Session

The role of the portable blood gas analyser in the community.

Mrs Sandra Hoyle, Manchester

 1230  -1400 Lunch and Exhibition

 1400 - 1445 Flynn Lecture

Chair: Dr Tim Wreghitt, Cambridge

POCT: Dangerous indulgence or essential to quality care?

Dr Danielle Freedman, Luton


 1515 - 1715 The Novel Application of POC Diagnostics

A fully integrated approach to point of care testing.

Dr Devi Nair, London

Home monitoring of heart failure

Prof Henry Dargie, Glasgow

Chest pain assessment using a panel of POC biomarkers

Dr Sanjay Ramamoorthy, Southampton


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