Focus. Association for Clinical Biochemistry. National Meeting, Glasgow 2010

Thursday 13th May 2010

0845 - 0930 
Flynn Lecture 
Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders 
Dr John M Land, Queens Square, London 

0930 - 1030 Break & Hot Topic Posters  

0940 - 1025 Industry Sponsored Workshops:
Alpha Laboratories - New Diagnostics in Bowel
- Alsh Room

'Calprotectin in bowel disorders: solving the enigma of quality
improvement whilst reducing costs'
- Dr Arne Roseth, Gastroenterologist, Oslo, Norway
'FIT are now fit for purpose' -Professor CG Fraser, Scottish Bowel Screening Centre Laboratory Dundee

MSD - Carron Room

Chair - Prof Ian Young, Belfast

Broadening our horizons: The need for a tailored approach to lipid management - Prof Ian Young, Belfast

The Niacin Renaissance? Re-evaluating the role of nicotinic acid in clinical practice - Prof Christopher Byrne, Southampton

What’s next after statins: A case study session - Prof Gordon Ferns, Keele

1030 - 1230 Parallel Sessions  
Big Diseases - Alternative Translation of the Evidence

The Future of Chest Pain Diagnosis
A review of the findings of RATPAC and recent evidence on sensitive troponin measurement

Diabetes: 1 and 2, or one and the same? The accelerator hypothesis Professor Terry Wilkin, Plymouth Clinical perspective on chest pain Professor Steve Goodacre, Sheffield
KDOQI Classification of Kidney Disease is flawed 
Dr Chris Winearls, Oxford
Markers and beyond - is troponin the only biomarker we need for acute coronary syndromes? Dr Julian Barth, Leeds
The primary hyperaldosteronism epidemic 
Dr Paul Padfield, Edinburgh
POCT and sensitive troponin for diagnosis - the RATPAC experience - POC Paul Collinson, London
Metabolic syndrome: collapsing under its own weight? 
Dr David Preiss, Glasgow
 Hosted by
1230 - 1345 Lunch  
1245 - 1330 Attended Poster Session and Hot Topic Posters
1345 - 1515 Parallel Sessions  
Vitamin D Chairman's Choice
Assessing Vitamin D status
Professor Bill Fraser, Liverpool
Iron: The mechanisms not yet in the textbooks 
Dr David Shapiro, Glasgow
Sunlight Robbery 
Oliver Gillie, London
Opportunities for molecular diagnostics in biochemistry - Roberta Goodall, Bristol
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease - cause or coincidence 
Dr Miles Witham, Dundee
Integrating diagnostics
David Hickey, Tarrytown, USA

1520 - 1605 AACC Transatlantic Award Lecture
Laboratory tests to implement clinical guideline decisions: are we always up to the task?
Professor Mitchell G Scott, St Louis, USA

1605 - 1615 Closing Remarks  

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