Focus. Association for Clinical Biochemistry. National Meeting, Glasgow 2010

Chairmans Welcome 2010

This will be my 5th Focus and my third (and last) as Chairman. As a series, the meeting never ceases to amaze me as we continue to bring you the best in science and reinvent the meeting each year through innovation. This year, we have dropped the unpredictable Breakfast Workshops in favour of more time being allocated to Industry Sponsored Workshops and the free presentations piloted last year in Liverpool. Remember, these free presentation slots are open to anyone who wants to get on their scientific soapbox.

The strapline - Focus on Translation possibly generates a double take, but this year we want to take you through the process from policy into practice and many sessions will tell that story. Change is often bogged down by financial pressures, silo budgeting and conservative managements who so often do not subscribe to the concept of "Invest to Save" and some of this will be explored through examples. FiLM appears at Focus this year as we bring you best practice modernisation examples from the UK and Europe.

As the Corporate Members find alternative ways to make us aware of new products Glasgow may prove to be the last of the classic Focus meetings with a full exhibition so make the most of it. However, a new interdependency is developing and two full scientific sessions have grown out of the new relationship.

May is one month when Glasgow is always at it's best. Who can forget the sunshine during Euromedlab in 2005 so submit your abstracts, book that cheap flight ASAP and look forward to a fantastic week.

Richard Spooner
Chair, Focus 2010 Organising Committee

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