Focus 2008, The Association for Clinical Biochemistry. Birmingham ICC from 18 - 20 May 2008

Wednesday 21 May 2008

0800 - 0845 Breakfast Workshops
BW10 Scary stories in POCT - what goes wrong, why and how to avoid it
  Mrs Janice Still, Watford
BW11 IEMs in adults: 10 quick cases for breakfast
  Dr Godfrey Gillett, Sheffield
BW12 Quality assurance masterclass
  Professor James Boyd, Charlottesville, USA
BW13 Assessment of ovarian function and anti-mullerian factor
  Dr Ian Laing, Manchester
BW14 TSH measurement and reference ranges
  DrAhmed Waise, York
BW15 Immunosuppressant monitoring
  Professor David Holt, London
BW16 Impact of eGFR reporting on laboratory services
  Dr Damian Fogarty, Belfast
BW17 Demand management and routine pre-op tests
  Professor Tim Reynolds, Burton upon Trent
BW18 The role of the laboratory in the approach to management of nutritional disorders
  Dr Pat Twomey, Ipswich

0900 - 0945 Plenary Lecture
Dade Behring Lecture
The standardisation of Thyroid function tests
Professor Linda Thienpont, Gent, Belgium
0945 - 1015 Break
1015 - 1215 Parallel Sessions
Thyroid and Adrenal Issues
Subclinical hypothyroidism - diagnosis and treatment
Professor Jayne Franklyn, Birmingham
Thyroid function tests - emerging lessons from UK NEQAS
Mr Findlay MacKenzie, Birmingham
Adrenal insufficiency
Professor Wiebke Arlt, Birmingham
Familial phaeochromocytoma
Professor Eamon Maher, Birmingham
Laboratory Medicine and EQA Design
EQA - a critical clinical activity
Dr David Bullock, Birmingham
Traceability - issues for analytical quality
Dr Jonathan Middle, Birmingham
EQAS results - any use in problem solving
Mr John Kane, Salford
Decision limits, assay bias and UK NEQAS
Dr Julian Barth, Leeds
Research Misconduct
Misconduct in medical research
Dr Peter Wilmshurst, Shrewsbury
Principles of research ethics
Professor Ian Young, Belfast
Statistics without data, and other things that go bump in the night
Dr Aubrey Blumsohn, Sheffield
The inside view on getting research published
Dr Trish Groves, BMJ, London
1215 - 1345 Lunch and Exhibition
1245 - 1330 Workshops
Industry Sponsored Workshops
1245 - 1330 Attend Poster Session
1345 - 1545 Parallel Sessions
Laboratory Aspects of Diabetes
Standardisation of insulin measurement
Dr Penny Clark, Birmingham
Laboratory aspects of proteinuria in diabetes
Dr Peter Gosling, Birmingham
Self monitoring of blood glucose
Dr Maurice O'Kane, Londonderry
Diabetes in ethnic minorities
Ms Janet Smith, Birmingham
SAS Symposium
Why bother with specialist investigation? Its impact and future
Professor Vincent Marks, Haslemere
The impact of specialist diagnostics on cardiovascular disease
Professor Gordon Ferns, Guildford
The impact of specialist diagnostics on metabolic bone disease
Professor Bill Fraser, Liverpool
Interfacing with current and future specialist diagnostic needs as seen from the diagnostics industry
Dr Stuart Blincko, Abbott Diagnostics, Maidenhead
Current & future specialist diagnostics, an industry perspective
Dr Peter Bialk, Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Siemens Award
Oral Communication
1545 - 1615 - Break
Professors' Prize Lecture
Awarded by the UK Heads of Academic Departments of Clinical Biochemistry to an individual who has made an outstanding scientific contribution to the field.

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