Focus 2008, The Association for Clinical Biochemistry. Birmingham ICC from 18 - 20 May 2008

Tuesday 20 May 2008

0800 - 0845 Breakfast Workshops
BW1 Emergency toxicology: an expert view
  Dr Robert Flanagan, London
BW2 AVP dysfunction and clinical indications for AVP measurement
  Dr Michael Penney, Newport
BW3 Genetic testing in dyslipidaemia
  Professor Ian Young, Belfast
BW4 Getting the guidance out - data push or data pull. Role of the web
  Dr Stuart Smellie for the Clinical Practice Section of the ACB
BW5 IEMs in the neonatal unit
  Dr Mick Henderson, Leeds
BW6 Pathology benchmarking - practical applications and relevance to pathology
  Dr Patrick Chu, Liverpool
BW7 Ladybird guide to antinuclear bodies
  Dr Jo Sheldon, London
BW8 Laboratory assessment of renal bone disease: when and how?
  Professor John Cunningham, London
BW9 The Human Tissue Act and the clinical biochemistry lab
  Dr Denis O'Reilly, Glasgow

0900 - 0915 Opening Ceremony
0915 - 1000 Plenary Lecture
Roche Lecture
The future of laboratory medicine
Professor Jocelyn Hicks, Washington DC, USA
1000 - 1030 Break
1030 - 1230 Parallel Sessions
Cancer Biochemistry
Guidelines and networks - Improving tumour marker services?
Dr Cathie Sturgeon, Edinburgh
Clinical aspects of ovarian cancer and current markers
Dr Usha Menon, London
The application of genetics to our understanding of ovarian cancer
Dr Hilary Russell, Belfast
Proteomic approaches to cancer biomarker discovery and validation
Dr Ashley Martin, Birmingham
Male Endocrinology
Man talk: does anyone know what we're talking about?
Professor Neil McClure, Belfast
Testosterone: how does the lab tell when you need a top-up
Dr Michael Diver, Liverpool
Testosterone and the metabolic syndrome
Professor Kevin Channer, Sheffield
Androgen abuse in sport
Dr Michael Wheeler, London
ACB Audit Group Symposium
Presentation of topical audits
Chair: Professor Eric Kilpatrick, Hull
1230 - 1400 Lunch and Exhibition
1300 - 1345 Workshops
Clinical Utility and Pitfalls of Free Light Chains Measurement
Dr Julia Forsyth, Derby
Dr Jo Sheldon, London
Dr Robert Beetham, Bristol
Industry Sponsored Workshops
1300 - 1345 Attend Poster Session
1400 - 1600 Parallel Sessions
Disease and Gastroenterology
Coeliac disease
Dr William Dickey, Londonderry
Professor Mark Worwood, Cardiff
Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis
Professor Chris Day, Newcastle
Autoimmune liver disease: next steps in the diagnostic laboratory
Dr E Ted Davies, London
Neuroendocrine Tumours
Neuroendocrine tumours - an overview
Dr John Newall Price, Sheffield
Critical review of the diagnosis and assessment of neuroendocrine tumours of the gastroenteropancreatic system - need for laboratory testing
Professore Bertram Weidenmann, Berlin, Germany
Insulinoma and gastrinoma - diagnostic challenges in neuroendocrine tumours
Professor Barbro Eriksson, Uppsala, Sweden
Genetic basis of neuroendocrine tumours
Professor Rajesh Thakkar, Oxford
Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics
Quantitative mass spectrometry of small molecules
Dr Sandra Rainbow, Harrow
New mass spectrometric strategies for the qualitative and quantitative analyses of proteins
Professor Simon Gaskell, Manchester
Mass spectrometry imaging of small molecules in tissue
Dr Josephine Bunch, Sheffield
Mass spectrometry for high throughput genotyping
Ms Anne Trewick, Harrow
1600 - 1630 Break
1630 - 1715 Plenary Lecture
Flynn Lecture
The hepatitides
Professor James Neuberger, Birmingham

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