Focus 2008, The Association for Clinical Biochemistry. Birmingham ICC from 18 - 20 May 2008

Training Day

This is organised by the ACB Education Committee and has proven very popular with those studying for examinations.

There are two groups of trainees: Group A, aimed at relatively new members of the profession (less than 2-3 years in training); and Group B, which is aimed at those who have taken, or are about to take, MRCPath Part 1.

Sunday 18 May 2008
Trainee Dinner at Jimmy Spices' Buffet Works.

Monday 19 May 2008
(0930 - 1700)
The whole day is devoted to Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine (EBLM).
The day will begin with an Overview of ELBM by Prof Chris Price, as a lecture attended by all trainees. The remainder of the day will consist of small tutorial groups. Trainees will have the chance to attend eight tutorials on the following topics:
1. Formulating the question
Prof C Price, Oxford
2. Critical appraisal of published papers and systematic reviews
Dr Bernie Croal, Aberdeen
3. Levels of evidence and critical appraisal of and reporting the evidence
Dr J Horner, East Kilbride
4. Study design
Prof Eric Kilpatrick, Hull
5. Methodological evaluation
Dr Frances Boa, London
6. Statistical and meta analysis
Dr Brian Shine, Oxford
7. What is a clinically significant change, diagnostic accuracy, disease prevalence and likelihood ratios?
Dr Robert Hill, Mansfield
8. Guideline appraisal and evaluation and developing an evidence based business case
Prof Jonathan Kay, Oxford

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