Tuesday 24 April

0800 - 0845
Breakfast Workshops

W1 The results is +, ++, 2+, Pos, Trace, Neg, 20mmol/L or 5mg/dL!!
  Why dipstick EQA gives an insight into errors waiting to happen
  Dr Rachel Marrington, Birmingham
W2 Immunoassay: how low can we go?
  Dr Cathie Sturgeon, Edinburgh
W3 What does a GP want from his/her laboratory medicine service?
  Dr Nick Smith, Manchester
W4 What do ACB Members want from the ACB?
  Mrs Janet Smith, Birmingham and Dr Tony Scott, Liverpool
W5 How are we going to provide phlebotomy?
  Mr Andy Bacon, Manchester
W6 National Electronic Handbook - is there a case?
  Getting the message accross: knowledge management, handbooks and FAQ
  Dr Stuart Smellie, Bishop Aukland and Dr JDS Kay, Oxford
W7 How do we influence government policy?
  Mr Joe O'Meara, London

0900 - 0915
Opening Ceremony

0915 - 1000
Plenary Lecture: Dade Behring Lecture

Clinical biochemistry 2011 Sir Muir Gray, Oxford  

1000 - 1030

1030 - 1230
Parallel Sessions:

EQA of Interpretation

Joint Symposium with

The trouble with guidelines
Mr Finlay MacKenzie, Birmingham

Reference ranges in the real world
Mr Andy Ellis, Edinburgh

UK NEQAS surveys of interpretation 
Dr Jonathan Middle, Birmingham

Interpretative comments: can we be consistent? 
Dr Gordon Challand, Reading

Information Management

Connecting for Health: lessons learned three years into the programme 
Dr Paul Whatling, London

Changing role of the laboratory in the early identification of the sick patient 
Dr Paul Schmidt, Portsmouth

LabTests Online: where next for public information on laboratory tests? 
Dr Ian Godber, Wishaw

Content management systems and their uses in laboratory medicine
Mr Craig Webster, Birmingham

Nutritional Assessment and Monitoring

Identification of the patient at risk 
Dr William Marshall, London

Value and limitations of tests of nutritional status in disease 
Professor Alan Shenkin, Liverpool

Principles of delivering nutritional support 
Dr Bill Simpson, Aberdeen

Managing nutritional support 
Dr Wolfram Woltersdorf, Bristol

1230 - 1400
Lunch & Exhibition

1300 - 1345
Workshops: Industry-Sponsored Workshops

Waters Corporation - LC/MS in the Clinical Laboratory, Past, Present and Future

The implementation of LC/MS in a Routine Clinical Laboratory
Dr Brian Keevil, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester

New Developments in LC/MS Technology for the Clinical Laboratory
Dr Mike Morris, Waters Corporation

Congress delegates are cordially invited to join Waters staff at this complimentary workshop.
Please register at: http://www.waters.com/focus

Thermo Scientific - Clinical and Toxicology Applications in Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Sample Presentation Solutions for Automating LC-MS in the Clinical Laboratory

1300 - 1345
Attend Poster Session

1400 - 1600
Parallel Sessions:

Obesity and Endocrinology

Introduction to obesity: physiology, epidemiology, complications and pharmacotherapy 
Dr Pat Twomey, Ipswich

Obesity, insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome 
Dr Andrew Don-Wauchope, Dublin, Ireland

Subcutaneous and visceral adiposity 
Dr Simon Aylwin, London

Pathophysiology of the appetite
Dr Carel le Roux, London

Laboratory Medicine: The Patient's View

The sweat test experience 
The patient's mother, Mrs Brigid Stacey, Lichfield

Graves' Disease 
The patient herself, Mrs Catherine Goodyear, Silsoe

Cholesterol measurements at a high street chemist - a patient's experience 
Mr Geoff Hayward, Solihull

Should pathology results belong to the patient 
Ms Mary Ann Cameron, RCPath Lay Advisory Committee

Oral Presentations

Focus beyond the laboratory

Impact of reporting e-GFR results to Primary Care Practitioners in NHS Grampian
Jane McNeilly, Aberdeen

All singing from the same Hymn sheet - the POCT co-ordinator's forum in Wales 
Annette Thomas, Cardiff

Improving the efficiency of requesting from primary care - conclusions from a Six Sigma project 
Sharman Harris, Bangor

Is the training of junior doctors in clinical chemistry fit for purpose? 
Trevor Gray, Sheffield

Hyperkalaemia in samples received from primary and secondary care sources and assessment of possible causes 
Michael Ryan, Antrim

An audit of tumour marker requesting in a district general hospital 
Francesca Meakin, Sutton Ashfield

1600 - 1630

1630 - 1715
Plenary Lecture

Flynn Lecture

Sunlight, vitamin D and risk of varied common diseases: a review of the current controversy 
Professor Richard Strange, Keele

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