Thursday 26 April

0900 - 0945
Professors' Prize Lecture

0945 - 1015

1015 - 1215
Parallel Sessions:

Use of free cortisol and surrogate makers of free cortisol to interpret response to Synacthen in hypoproteinaemic patients 
Sophie Barnes, London

ApolipoproteinA1-75 G/A (M1-) polymorphims and lipoprotein(a): anti- versus pro-atherogenic properties
Ali Al-bahrani, Liverpool

A simple real time PCR method for the identification of genetic polymorphisms in the UGT1A1 gene for the diagnosis of Gilbert’s Syndrome
Lorna Burrows, Dudley

The effect of diabetes on the ability of eGFR to predict mortality 
Eric Kilpatrick, Hull

Reduced CRP response to infection among patients with cirrhosis of the liver 
Brian Shine, Oxford

Galactose-1-phosphate levels causing diagnostic dilemmas for classical galactosaemia
Camilla Reed, Manchester

SAS Symposium

SAS Lecture: Polycystic ovarian syndrome 
Dr Julian Barth, Leeds

Impact of growth hormone standardisation on clinical outcomes 
Dr Peter Trainer, Manchester

Impact of creatinine standardisation on clinical outcomes 
Dr Ed Lamb, Canterbury

Impact of HbA1c standardisation on clinical outcomes 
Professor Sally Marshall, Newcastle



Clinical Interpretation of Immunoglobulin & Complement Determination

Use and abuse of immunoglobulin determinations 
Dr Mansel Haeney, Manchester

Immunoglobulin deficiencies 
Dr Philip Wood, Leeds

IgA, too little, too much or the wrong kind 
Professor Michael Kerr, Leeds

The clinical value of complement determinations
Dr Mark Gompels, Bristol


1215 - 1345
Lunch & Exhibition

1245 - 1330
Workshops: Industry-Sponsored Workshops

1245 - 1330
Attend Poster Session

1345 - 1430
Plenary Lecture:

The biochemistry of coronary heart disease prevention
Professor Chris Packard, Glasgow




1430 - 1445

1445 - 1615
Plenary Session:

Pathology: 2008 and beyond
The Carter Report: making it happen

  • Early experience of pilot series
  • Working with the Independent Sector
  • Introducing new technology
  • Clinical leadership

1615 - 1630
Closing Ceremony

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