Wednesday 17 May

Roche Diagnostics Award

Molecular therapy for diabetes
Prof Larry Chan, Houston, USA

1000-1200 Parallel Sessions

Clinical Practice Update

Knowledge: the enemy of disease
Sir J A Muir Gray, Oxford

The value of tests in primary care 
Dr Stuart Smellie, Bishop Auckland

Health Commissioning: A PCT Perspective

Joint Symposium with

"Fiddle Factors"

Scale of the problem
Mr Finlay Mackenzie, Birmingham

What do Nero and Clinical Biochemists have in common? 
Dr Bill Bartlett, Birmingham

Industry perception of the relevant regulatory issues
Mr Andy Bufton, Maidenhead

Grand Round

Case presentation 
Dr Timothy Wang, Guilford

Attended Poster Session

1400-1600 Parallel Sessions

Hot Topics in Clinical Chemistry Pathology

DEBATE: Statins for all 
For: Dr Jonathan, Morrell, Hastings
Against: Prof Marc Siegel, New York
Chaired by Dr Tony Wierzbecki, London

Osteoporosis: genetics and management
Dr Elaine Dennison, Southampton

Managing obesity 
Dr Nick Finer, Cambridge

Bayer Award Competition



Joint Symposium with

Issues in General Chemistry

Lipid investigations 
Dr Robert Cramb, Birmingham

Amino acid analysis: from spot test to TMS; what should we be doing? 
Miss Fiona Carragher, London

Estimating GFR
Dr Edmund Lamb, Canterbury

AACC/ACB Transatlantic Lecture


C-reactive protein and cardiovascular risk
Prof Nader Rifai, Boston, USA

Meeting of the Clinical Practice Section of the ACB