Tuesday 16 May

Breakfast Workshops

Implementing robotic systems (W1)
Dr Michael Thomas, London

Lipid masterclass (W2)
Prof Gordon Ferns, Guilford

Molecular testing (W3) 
Dr Roy Sherwood, London

Salivary steroids (W4)
Dr Peter Wood, Southampton

Renal function testing (W5)
Dr Edmund Lamb, Canterbury

Training in toxocology (W6)
Dr Bob Flanagan, London

Trace elements: status assessment (W7)
Dr Andrew Taylor, Guilford

Demand management (W8)
Mr Stephen Halloran, Guilford

Tandem MS: its clinical applications (W9)
Dr Neil Dalton, London

Opening Ceremony

Dade Behring Plenary Lecture

Biosensors in medicine
Prof Chris Lowe, Cambridge

1030-1230 Parallel Sessions
Forensic Toxicology

Toxicology and genetics
Dr Martin Lennard, Sheffield

The toxicology of herbal and ethnic medicines: natural toxins
Prof Dr Frederick De Wolff, Amsterdam

Postmortem toxicology 
Prof Derrick Pounder, Dundee

Joint Symposium with

Endocrinology Update

Tandem mass spectrometry 
Dr Helen Field, Leeds

Recent progrees in standardisation 
Dr Cathie Sturgeon, Edinburgh

New hormone assays
Dr Gwen Wark, Guilford

Joint Symposium with the Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists



"Howard's Way: an Australian ingredient in the UK's script for pathology?"
Professor Leslie Burnett, Sydney
Dr Michael Harrison, Brisbane
Dr Renze Bais, Sydney

Attended Poster Session

1430-1630 Parallel Sessions

Genomics and Metabolomics

High throughput genetic screening 
Prof Ian Day, Southampton

Dr Chris Chamberlain, Welwyn Garden City

Prof Jeremy Nicholson, London

SAS Symposium: Endocrine Update

Cushing's syndrome: where are we now?
Prof Ashley Grossman, London

CAH: where next?
Prof Peter Hindmarsh, London

Melatonin update
Prof Debra Skene, Guilford

Biochemistry and the Law

Personal view of being an expert witness
Prof Bob Forrest, Sheffield

Being an expert witness
Ms Penny Harper, London

The lab and the law
Prof Peter Furness, Leicester