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Wednesday 19th May

0800-0845 Workshops

Statistics in clinical practice: sorting the herrings from the p’s (W8)
Dr Rick Jones, Leeds

Use of surplus blood samples: when is it ethical? (W9 - narrowboat)
Prof Peter Furness, Leicester more...

SIADH: the role of the laboratory in diagnosis (W10)
Dr Morad Labib, Dudley more...

Assessment of insulin sensitivity (W11)
Dr Penny Clark, Birmingham more...

Drugs of abuse screening moves on (W12 - narrowboat)
Dr Steve George, Birmingham more...

Progesterone results are uninterpretable: discuss! (W13 - narrowboat)
Dr Jonathan Middle, Birmingham more...

Investigation of sudden unexplained death in infancy (W14)
Mrs Mary Anne Preece, Birmingham more...

0900-1000 AACC/ACB Transatlantic Lecture

Natriuretic peptides
Dr Robert Christenson, Baltimore, USA

1030-1230 Developments in Newborn Screening

General concepts in newborn screening
Dr Jane Collins, London

Cystic fibrosis
Prof Rodney Pollitt, Sheffield

MCADD screening
Prof Carol Dezateux, London

Update on screening for sickle cell disorders
Dr Allison Streetly, London

1030-1230 Monitoring of Diabetes

Joint Symposium with UK NEQAS

IFCC reference method for HbA1c
Dr Cas Weykamp, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

DCCT alignment or IFCC standardisation: a debate
Dr Sally Marshall, Newcastle upon Tyne and Dr Jonathan Middle, Birmingham

Biological variation of HbA1c
Dr Eric Kilpatrick, Hull

Quality standards in POCT for blood glucose
Dr Gary Thorpe, Birmingham

1030-1230 21st Century Pathology

Laboratory harmonisation: lessons from Calibration 2000
Dr Christa Cobbaert, Breda, The Netherlands

UK BioBank: a new nationwide biological database
Prof John Newton, London

Laboratory information in the clinical arena
Dr Jonathan Kay, Oxford

LabTests Online: hijacking the internet to serve pathology
Dr Ian Godber, Wishaw

1400-1445 Attended Poster Session

1500-1630 Bayer Award Competition

1500-1630 Drug Assays: Fit for Purpose?

UK NEQAS Symposium

Measuring immunosuppressant drugs: what happened to accuracy?
Dr David Holt, London

Clinical toxicology: what? who? and how well is it done?
Dr Ian Watson, Liverpool

Reporting errors in drugs of abuse testing: what have we learned from 20 years of EQA?
Mr Brian Smith, London

1500-1630 Whats New in Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes: can we prevent it?
Dr Polly Bingley, Bristol

Type 2 diabetes: a childhood epidemic?
Dr Julian Shield, Bristol

Gestational diabetes: what should we do about it?
Prof David McCance, Belfast

1645-1730 Professors Prize Lecture

Sugar and Spice and all things nice
Dr Eric S Kilpatrick, Hull