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Tuesday 18th May

0800-0845 Workshops

Calculations (W1)
Dr Allan Deacon, Bedford more...
NB Priority will be given to Trainee members for this workshop

Agenda for Change: a laboratory perspective (W2 - narrowboat)
Mr Geoff Lester, Reading more...

Thiopurine methyltransferase assessment and azathioprine treatment (W3 - narrowboat)
Dr Loretta Ford & Dr Jonathan Berg, Birmingham more...

Catecholamine oddities explained (W4 - narrowboat)
Dr Bill Bartlett, Birmingham more...

Glycated haemoglobin analysis in patients with haemoglobin variants (W5)
Ms Janet Smith & Dr Susan Manley, Birmingham more...

First trimester and integrated testing in Down’s screening (W6)
Ms Susan Standing, Oxford

Difficult thyroid cases (W7)
Dr Chris Florkowski, Christchurch, New Zealand

0900-0915 Opening Ceremony

0915-1000 Roche Award Lecture

Molecular profiling of tumours
Prof Jeremy Squire, Toronto, Canada

1030-1230 Liver Disease

Autoimmune liver disease
Dr Ian McFarlane, London

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Prof Chris Day, Newcastle upon Tyne

Markers of liver fibrosis
Prof John Iredale, Southampton

Imaging techniques in liver disease
Prof Simon Olliff, Birmingham

1030-1230 Tumour Markers

Joint Symposium with UK NEQAS

PSA screening: informed choice or misinformed chaos?
Mr David Kirk, Glasgow

CA125: how are we using it?
Mr Barnaby Rufford, London

HER2/neu and beyond: breast cancer treatment responsiveness markers
Prof Nigel Bundred, Manchester

HCG standardisation: from bench to bedside
Dr Cathie Sturgeon, Edinburgh

1030-1230 New Technologies

In collaboration with the University of the West of England

Mass spectrometry, protein profiling and identification
Dr Roz Banks, Leeds

Intracellular biochemistry
Prof Jeremy Tavare, Bristol

Dr Richard Luxton, Bristol

Proton NMR
Prof Ron Wevers, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

1400-1445 Attended Poster Session

1500-1630 Biochemistry of Pregnancy

New developments in first trimester screening
Dr Kevin Spencer, Romford

The role of bile acid measurement in pregnancy
Dr Ian Walker, Slough

Clinical biochemistry of pre-eclampsia
Dr Catherine Williamson, London

1500-1630 Traceability of Hormone Measurements

UK NEQAS Symposium

Traceability of steroid hormones: the future is bright, the future is ID-MS
Dr Dietmar Stöckl, Horebeke, Belgium

Traceability of free thyroid hormone measurements: the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Prof Linda Thienpont, Gent, Belgium

Traceability of protein hormone measurements
Dr Ulf-Håkan Stenman, Helsinki, Finland

1500-1630 Nutrition and Intestinal Failure

In collaboration with the Intercollegiate Group on Nutrition

Intestinal failure: a clinical overview
Dr Jeremy Nightingale, Leicester

Pitfalls in assessing micronutient status
Dr Naveed Sattar, Glasgow

Artificial lipids and immune function
Dr Steve Wootton, Southampton

1645-1730 RCPath Flynn Lecture

Environmental modification of genotype effects: insights into atherosclerosis pathology
Prof Steve Humphries, London