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Thursday 20th May

0800-0845 Workshops

ABC of EQA masterclass (W15 - narrowboat)
Mr Finlay MacKenzie, Birmingham more...

CPA: a sideways look (W16 - narrowboat)
Dr Jonathan Berg, Birmingham more...

Investigation of adult spontaneous hypoglycaemia: real, imaginary and pseudo (W17)
Dr Rousseau Gama, Wolverhampton more...

Biochemical investigation of subarachnoid haemorrhage (W18)
Dr Robert Beetham, Bristol more...

Fluid and electrolyte management: getting the balance right (W19)
Dr Peter Gosling, Birmingham more...

Carrots and Mangoes: QA Requirements (W20)
Mr Eddie Carr & Dr Jeff Barron, Carshalton more...

Insulin & C-peptide: clinical utility & methodological issues (W21 - narrowboat)
Dr Gwen Wark, Guildford more...

0900-0945 SAS Lecture & Thermo Electron Award

(formerly Konelab Lecture)

New developments in biochemical markers of bone turnover and their clinical application
Dr Patrick Garnero, Lyon, France

1015-1215 Metabolic Bone Disease

In collaboration with the SAAS Bone Marker Group

Pathogenesis of male osteoporosis
Dr Roger Francis, Newcastle upon Tyne

Statins and bone metabolism: a new use for an old drug?
Dr Mike Rogers, Aberdeen

Which PTH assay?
Prof Bill Fraser, Liverpool

Childhood rickets
Dr Nick Shaw, Birmingham

1015-1215 Phenotyping vs Genotyping: Applications and Quality Assurance

UK NEQAS Symposium

Molecular testing: the quality issues
Ms Roberta Goodall, Bristol

ApoE for lipids or Alzheimers: should we phenotype or genotype?
Dr Ian McDowell, Cardiff

TPMT phenotyping vs genotyping to predict azathioprine toxicity: is there a risk to life?
Dr Tony Marinaki, London

Diagnosis of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency: phenotype or genotype?
Dr Roy Sherwood, London

1015-1215 Free communication

1245-1330 Attended Poster Session

1345-1515 Electrolytes and Ion Channels

Ion channels and aquaporins
Prof Mark Dunne, Manchester

Inherited renal potassium wasting: the channel-transporter connection
Dr Stan White, Leeds

Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia
Prof Raj Thakker, Oxford

1345-1515 Cases for Comment

Joint Symposium with UK NEQAS

The art and science of commenting
Dr Gordon Challand, Reading

Assessing the performance of comments
Mr Finlay MacKenzie, Birmingham

Interpretative comments interactive
Ms Jane French, Birmingham and Dr Jacqui Osypiw, Reading

1345-1515 Androgens

Alopecia and hirsutism
Dr Julian Barth, Leeds

PCO: androgens or insulins?
Prof Steve Franks, London

Androgen replacement and cardiovascular disease
Dr T Hugh Jones, Barnsley

1530-1615 ACB Foundation Lecture

Androgens: a little of what you fancy does you good!?
Dr Mike Wheeler, London

1615-1630 Closing Ceremony