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Abstracts of the Scientific Programme are available to download.

This year’s scientific programme reflected the rich diversity of clinical biochemistry, grounded as it is on strong scientific principles and interacting as it does with virtually every clinical specialty. It was therefore particularly appropriate that Focus 2004 was organised in full partnership between the ACB and UK NEQAS and that the scientific programme included a Royal College of Pathologists plenary lecture and joint symposia with a number of other professional and academic bodies. This was a true 'Meeting of Minds'.

Delegates were also be able to take part in a full programme of social events in the evenings.

Workshops (0800-0845)
This year we aimed to make the workshops a truly interactive and exciting forum for the exchange of ideas. In traditional Birmingham style, three of the workshops each day took place on cruising narrow boats. More about workshops ...

Oral Presentations
There were two sessions for oral presentations: a free communications session for abstracts submitted by delegates and a session of papers presented by ACB members under 35 years of age for the prestigious
Bayer Award. All oral presentations were also be presented as posters.

Poster Sessions
Posters were be displayed during all three days of the conference in the gallery surrounding the main exhibition area. Poster topics were be arranged to co-ordinate with the rest of the scientific programme for that day.

'Poster-rounds' were led by eminent experts during the lunchtime viewing period, and all presenting authors were in attendance at their poster at this time.

A DPC poster prize was be awarded for the three best posters. Ten posters shortlisted for the DPC poster prize were displayed for all three days.

A prize of £50 was be awarded for the best poster presentation each day.

Bayer Award
This award was made on the basis of an oral communication presented by a Member of the Association under 35 years of age at the time of the competition. The winner received a silver medal as well as a financial award.

Professors’ Prize
Sponsored by the UK Heads of the Academic Departments of Clinical Biochemistry, this award was for an outstanding scientific contribution by a person under 40 years of age.

Scientific Programme Organising Committee
Andrew Day (Chairman)
Graham Bayly
Ann Bowron
Roberta Goodall
Paul Griffiths
Jane Lewis