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Focus 2004 Organisation

Focus 2004 is organised by the Association of Clinical Biochemists.

Focus 2004 Organising Committe:

Jonathan Berg - Chairman
Rousseau Gama - Secretary
Finlay MacKenzie - Treasurer
Andrew Day - Scientific Programme Chairman
Kate Hall - Social Programme
Loretta Ford - Social Programme
Pippa Goddard - Publicity
Melanie Griffiths - Publicity
David Vallance - Public Involvement
Euan Donald - Corporate Members Representation
Jonathan Middle - UK NEQAS Liaison
Karin Sherwood - Meetings Co-ordinator
Nikki Beeson - Conference Co-ordinator

Commercial partners

The committee wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by the ACB’s corporate members in ensuring that the meeting is financially secured.

ACB National Officers

The Local Organising Committee wish to thank the National Officers of the Association of Clinical Biochemists for their support.

Professor C. P. Price - President
Miss J. M. Smith - Chairman
Mr C. J. Seneviratne - National Meetings Secretary
Dr S.C.H. Smith - Honorary Treasurer
Dr S. J. Rainbow - Honorary Secretary
Mr S. P. Halloran - Editor, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry
Dr D. Cassidy - Chairman, Education Committee

Other Thanks

The Committee wishes to acknowledge the significant contributions to Focus 2004 of:

Mrs Nikki Beeson, Mr M Cartwright and Mrs Karin Sherwood, of Cambridge Consortium. John Williams, web design.