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Wednesday 14th May

0800-0845 Workshops

(sponsored by Roche)

Hyponatraemia (W8)
Dr M Penney, Newport

EQA organisation (W9)
Ms A Trewick, Harrow

Ethics in collection of ‘normal’ samples (W10)
Dr J Cowan, Medical Protection Society

Report design (W11)
Prof B Fraser, Liverpool

Porphyria (W12)
Dr F Stewart, Salford

Pleural fluid analysis (W13)
Dr A Tarn, Thornton Heath and Mrs Ruth Lapworth, Ashford

Tandem MS (W14)
Mr B Keevil, Manchester

0900-0945 The Kone Award Lecture

(sponsored by Labmedics)

Chair: Prof A Shenkin, President, Association of Clinical Biochemists

What evidence is there for biochemical testing?
Prof A Horvath, Szeged, Hungary

1000-1200 Difficult Problems in Endocrinology

(joint symposium with UK NEQAS)

Chairs: Dr J Middle, UKNEQAS & DR G Beckett, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

Interfering antibodies in immunoassay
Dr A Ismail, Wakefield

Biochemical assessment of vitamin D status
Prof B Fraser, Liverpool

Bioavailable or free testosterone?
Dr M Diver, Liverpool

Cushing’s Syndrome
Prof A Grossman, London

1000-1200 Cardiovascular

(sponsored by TOSOH Bioscience)

Chair: Dr M Murphy, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Prosper Study
Dr A Gaw, Glasgow

Hypertension: when to look for something different
Prof J Connell, Glasgow

Dr B Bartlett, Birmingham

Inflammation and CHD
Dr N Sattar, Glasgow

1000-1200 Bayer Award

(sponsored by Bayer)

Chair: Mr M Hallworth, Chairman, Association of Clinical Biochemists

Evaluation of two non-radioactive microsatellite markers, 82-I and 9N-II, for the diagnosis of 21-hydroxylase deficiency
Miss A M Jones, London

Investigation of the ferrochelatase gene in 14 patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria
Miss M Khan, Cardiff

DNA polymorphisms in the thiopurine S-methyl transferase gene
Miss S Knox, Edinburgh

A new LMNA mutation associated with familial partial lipodystrophy
Dr I McFarlane, Cambridge

Expression and action of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinases in pituitary cell–lines and human pituitary adenomas.
Miss L S O’Shea, London

1200-1245 Lunch in the Great Northern Hall

1245-1400 DEBATE: 'This House Believes that Clinical Diagnostics Should be Rationed'

(sponsored by Beckman Coulter)

Chair: Dr G Beastall, Vice-President, Royal College of Pathologists

Featuring: Professor Vincent Marks, Mike Hallworth, Clement Fitzgerald and Dr Ian Banks

1400-1500 Diagnostic Dilemmas: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

(sponsored by DPC)

Chair: Mrs L J Tetlow, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Workshop with contributions from:
Professor M Bennett, University of Texas, USA
Dr C Bacon, Foundation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Open Discussion

1415-1500 Attended Poster Session

(sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics)

1500-1630 Thyroid

(sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics)

Chair: Dr P Trainer, Christie Hospital, Manchester

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy
Prof J Lazarus, Cardiff

What tests for the thyroid?
Dr D O’Reilly, Glasgow

Drug-induced thyroid disorders
Dr G Beckett, Edinburgh

1500-1630 Immunology

(sponsored by DPC)

Chair: Dr s Misbah, Consultant Immunologist, Oxford

IgA deficiency: how far should one investigate?
Dr C Sewell, Lincoln

IgG subclass measurement: should we bother?
Dr B Heelan, London

Does ANA negative lupus exist?
Dr S Misbah, Oxford

1500-1630 ACB: 50 years past and future

Chair: Prof T Whitehead

Dr A Bold, Birmingham and Miss J Smith, Birmingham

Dr J Lines, Hythe and Mr S Halloran, Guildford

Professional affairs
Dr K Davies, Cardiff and Mr A Penny, Leeds

Scientific achievements
Prof V Marks, Haslemere and Prof W Fraser, Liverpool

1645-1730 Transatlantic Lecture

(sponsored by AACC)

Chair: Mr M Hallworth, Chairman, Association of Clinical Biochemists

Thyroglobulin and recombinant TSH testing in thyroid Ca
Prof C Spencer, Los Angeles, USA