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Tuesday 13th May

0800-0845 Workshops

(sponsored by Roche)

Hyperbilirubinaemia (W1)
Dr P McClean, Leeds

NHS R&D (W2)
Prof I Broom, Aberdeen

Neurological emergencies, psychosis, coma, status epilepticus (W3)
Dr J Land, London

Novel bone markers (W4)
Dr A Blumsohn, Sheffield

Effective use of Medline (W5)
Dr A Fielding, Swansea

Problems in tumour marker analysis (W6)
Dr C Sturgeon, Edinburgh

Laboratory-clinical interface (W7)
Dr J Kay, Oxford

0900-0915 Opening Ceremony

Dr S Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, Department of Health

0915-1000 Roche Award

(sponsored by Roche)

Chair: Professor A Shenkin, President, Association of Clinical Biochemists

What is a diagnostic test?
Prof G Lundberg, New York, USA

1000-1200 Cancer

(sponsored by DPC)

Chair: Mr L Robinson, South Manchester University Hospitals Trust

Plasma DNA for mutation detection in lung cancer
Dr M Taron, Barcelona, Spain

Tumour marker kinetics
Prof J-M Bidart, Villejuif, France

Prof G Rustin, Mount Vernon

Evidence for the use of tumour markers
Dr J Duffy, Dublin

1000-1200 Toxicology

Chair: Dr I Watson, University Hospital, Aintree, Liverpool

Current interventions in drug overdose
Dr S Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Drug abuse in the criminal justice system
Dr M Leitner, Liverpool

Prospects for salivary testing for drugs of abuse
Dr B Widdop, West Wickham

Evidence for utility of drug testing in the addict
Dr S Reuben, Liverpool

1000-1200 The Role of the Non-Specialist Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Metabolic Disease

(ACB/BIMDG Joint Symposium)

Chairs: Dr M addison, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and Dr M Henderson, leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Blood ammonia: a critical measurement
Dr M Champion, London

Amino acids: diagnoses that should not be missed
Dr P Mayne, Dublin

Protocols and guidelines
Dr C Hendriksz, Manchester

Part of a network
Dr J Bonham, Sheffield

1200-1245 Lunch in the Great Northern Hall

1245-1400 DEBATE: This House believes that Diagnositcs should be available on the High Street

(sponsored by Roche)

Chair: Mr M Hallworth, Chairman, Association of Clinical Biochemists

Featuring: Professor John Harris, Colin Brown, Dt Thomas Stuttaford and Dr Ian Gibson

1415-1500 Attended Poster Session

(sponsored by Abbott)

1500-1630 Diagnosis in Iron Metabolism

Chair: Dr D Norfolk, Consultant Haematologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Can iron deficiency be diagnosed?
Dr D Provan, London

Use of ferritin to control erythropoetin prescribing in renal medicine
Dr E Will, Leeds

Screening for haemochromatosis
Miss C Jagger, Preston

1500-1630 Neurology

Chair: Dr J Land, National Hospital for Neurology, London

Dementia: what can we safely forget to assess in making a diganosis?
Prof R Jacoby, Oxford

Xanthochromia: its place in the diagnosis of CT negative SAH
Dr I Watson, Liverpool

Homocysteine: what can it tell us about ourselves?
Prof B Fowler, Basel, Switzerland

1500-1630 DNA

Chair: Prof S Swaminathan, Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital, London

Predicting drug toxicity
Dr D Campbell, GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage

Phenotype and genotype interrelationships in cystic fibrosis
Dr J Kirk, Edinburgh

Porphyria: how molecular genetics has changed practice
Dr M Badminton, Cardiff

1645-1730 SAS Lecture

Chair: Prof C Self, University of Newcastle Medical School

Aluminium, the new toxic element: from anaemia to Alzheimer's
Dr J P Day, Manchester