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Monday 12th May

1000-1645 Training Day

This day is organised by the ACB Education Committee and has proven very popular with those studying for examinations. There are two groups of trainees: Group A aimed at relatively new members of the profession (less than 2-3 years in training), and Group B, which is aimed at those who have, or are about to take, MRCPath Part 1. The programme for this year will be:

Clinical biochemistry and gastroenterology
Dr David Andrews

Nutrition and clinical biochemistry
Dr Eileen Manning

Immunology: when it is good, it is very good, and when it is bad, it is horrid
Dr Joanna Sheldon

How to pass MRCPath exams
Dr William Marshall

0930-1615 Evidence Based Diagnostics

This year the traditional management sessions will be replaced by a training day for evidence based diagnostics. The course will consist of a series of lectures interspersed with interactive group sessions. Topics will include identifying the clinical problem, study design, how to read a paper and systematic reviewing. This course will be suitable for all clinical biochemists interested in the diagnostic process but will be limited to 40 participants.

Introduction (What, why and how with examples)
Prof R Horvath, Szeged, Hungary

Lessons learnt in trying to review the evidence
Mr S Halloran, Guildford

What is the question? (Exercise)
Prof C Price, Newbury

Critical appraisal in the diagnostics literature (Exercise)
Prof S Hollis, Lancaster

Systematic reviews and the statistics
Mr J Wardle, Preston

17.30-1800 AGM of the Federation of Clinical Scientists

1800-1845 AGM of the Association of Clinical Biochemists

PLEASE NOTE - Informatics Training Workshop postponed
We regret that due to unforeseen circumstances this workshop has been postponed. The ACB Informatics Group hope to run this course in October 2003. Further details will be posted in ACB News and on the ACB website at a future date.