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Focus 2003 Organisation

Focus 2003 is organised by the Association of Clinical Biochemists. The Local Organising Committe is:
Gilbert Wieringa -
Lesley Tetlow - Secretary
Kath Brownbill - Minutes Secretary
Terry Dyer - Treasurer
Julian Barth - Scientific Programme
Janet Mcllroy - Scientific Programme
Catherine Wardle - Social Programme
Kath Hayden - Publicity
Paul Newland - Publicity
Karin Sherwood - Company Involvement
Nikki Beeson - Conference Administration
Sophie Cordiner - Conference Administration
Mervyn Nicholas - Company Representative
Evan Donald - Company Representative
Don Barber - Transport
with the assistance of: Prof W Fraser, Dr I Watson (Scientific Programme); Miss R Allcock, Mr S McCann, Dr A Pickersgill (Scocial Programme).

Commercial Partners

The Committee wishes to acknowlege the contribution made by the larger of the ACB's corporate Members in ensuring that the Meeting is financially secured.

British In Vitro Diagnostics Association

BIVDA has been working alongside the ACB for Focus 2003. The Committe would like to thank Mrs Doris-Ann Williams, Director-General, BIVDA.

Department of Trade and Industry

Focus 2003 acknowleges the financial contribution to the meeting by the DTI

Sponsored items and events

We would like to thank the following sponsors:

Abbott Diagnostics

ABX Diagnostics
Press Office

Beckman Coulter
Debate - ‘This house believes that clinical diagnostics should be rationed’

Bayer Diagnostics
Award Competition, Delegate Bags
Evidence Based Workshop, Lunchtime Seminar - Introduction of New Diagnostic Testing

DPC/Olympus Diagnostics
Audio Visual (DPC and Olympus), Golf Tournament (Olympus), Scientific Symposia - Cancer, Immunology, (DPC), Scientific Symposia - Big is Better, Clinical Risk (Olympus), Seminar - Diagnostic Dilemmas (DPC)

KoneLab Award Lecture

Nova Biomedical
Scientific Symposium - Patient Centred Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics Ltd
Award Lecture, Debate - ‘This house believes that diagnostics should be available on the High Street’, Workshop Programme

TOSOH Bioscience
Scientific Symposium - Cardiovascular

ACB National Officers

The Local Organising Committee wish to thank National Officers of the Association for their support.

Professor Alan Shenkin - President
Mr Mike Hallworth - Chairman
Mr Jeff Seneviratne - National Meetings Secretary
Dr Steve Smith - Association Treasurer
Dr Sandra Rainbow - Honorary Secretary
Dr Jonathan Berg - Editor, ACB News
Mr Stephen Halloran - Editor, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry
Mrs Sue Martin - Editor, Conference Proceedings
Miss Janet Smith - Chair, Education Committee

Other Thanks

The Committee wishes to acknowledge the significant contributions to Focus 2003 of:

Mrs Nikki Beeson, Mr M Cartwright, Miss Sophie Cordiner and Mrs Karin Sherwood, of Cambridge Consortium.

Mrs Charlotte Grant, Charlotte Dingley and Kate Cutler, Citigate Communications

Mr Tony Oxley and his Conference Audio-Visual Planning team

The Staff at the MICC

Dr Richard Spooner and Dr Judith Burrows of ACB News, Editors of the Meeting Handbook

PRC Associates Ltd