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Tuesday 21st May

1000-1230 Update Sessions

Population screening: experience with prostate cancer (U1)
Professor C P Price and Dr J A Muir Gray

Insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease (U2)
Professor J M C Connell

1000-1230 Management Sessions

The electronic patient record (M1)
Dr J D S Kay

‘Making the Change’ - How if affects you (M2)
Dr I C Barnes

1300 Opening Ceremony

The Concept of Disease
Prof Robin Downie, Glasgow

1330-1530 Concept of Disease

Chair: Prof Robin Downie

The Evolution of a Diagnostic Concept: Angina Pectoris
Prof Alun Evans, Belfast

Diabetes, an Evolving Disease
Dr Ken Paterson, Glasgow

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Establishing a New Diagnostic Entity
Prof Roger Sturrock, Glasgow

Diseased Populations – A Valid Concept
Prof George Davie Smith, Bristol

1330-1530 The Mitochondrion

Chair: Dr E Dow

Inherited Disease
Dr John Land, London

Acquired Disease
Dr Simon Heales, London

Mitochondria and Heart Disease
Dr Elinor Griffiths, Bristol

Exploring Mitochondrial Function with Imaging Technology: from Cell Signalling to Cell Death
Prof Michael Duchen, London

1330-1530 Laboratory Medicine: Benefit or Burden?

Randox Symposium

1530 Coffee break

1600-1700 Roche Award

The Human Genome Project – Medical Implications for Pathology, Ethical Implications for Society
Prof Bob Williamson, Melbourne, Australia