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Thursday 23rd May

0800-0845 Workshops

Cushing’s (W1)
Dr Christina Gray, Glasgow

Education (W2)
Dr Christine Collier, Kingston, Canada

Assessing Adequacy of Dialysis (W3)
Dr Utkarsh Kulkarni, Aberdeen

Neonatal Metabolic Emergencies (W4)
Dr Peter Galloway, Glasgow

Alcohol Poisonings (W5)
Mr Bill Borland, Glasgow

Insulin Resistance (R1)
Dr Patrick Deegan, Cambridge

Coeliac Disease (R2)
Prof Mike Kerr, Dundee

Monitoring of IVF (R3)
Dr Richard Fleming, Glasgow

0900-1030 Colorectal Cancer

Chair: Dr D O'Reilly

FOB = Fantastic Opportunity Biochemically
Dr Callum Fraser, Dundee

Genetics of Colorectal Cancer
Mr Malcolm Dunlop, Edinburgh

Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
Prof Bob Steele, Dundee

0900-1030 Functional Foods

Chair: Dr J Paterson

Vitamins – Too Much of a Good Thing?
Prof Mike Lean, Glasgow

Remember to Feed Those Gut Bacteria
Prof John Cummings, Dundee

Nutrient Modification of the Atherogenic Lipid Profile
Dr Bruce Griffen, Guildford

0900-1030 Pharmacogenetics

Bayer Symposium

Drug Detection, Optimisation and Trends in Individualised Patient Management
Dr William Wallen, Emeryville, USA

Pharmacogenomics and Nucleic Acid Diagnostics - How the Revolution Will Change Labs in the Future
Prof Herbert Kessler, Graz, Austria

Ethics of Pharmacogenomics and Nucleic Acid Diagnostics
Prof Walter Doerfler, Koln, Germany

1030 Coffee

1100-1200 Foundation Award

Dr Graham Beastall, Glasgow

1230 Reviews, Workshops

Hypopituitarism Revisited (R4)
Dr John Seth, Edinburgh

Multiple Myeloma (R5)
Dr Richard Soutar, Glasgow

The Wave Machine: New Automated Genetic Techniques (W6)
Dr David Baty, Dundee

1300-1345 Member’s Papers

1345-1545 Biochemistry at the Extremes

Chair: Prof I Broom

Biochemistry of Ageing

Biochemistry in the Third World
Prof Peter Gray, Cape Town, S. Africa

The Thyroid in Early Life
Prof Rob Hume, Dundee

Excess: Biochemistry of Alcohol
Prof Mike Stewart, Johannesburg, S. Africa

1345-1545 Sacred Cows, or Why Do We Do What We Do?

Dr Denis O’Reilly, Glasgow

Dr Graham Beastall, Glasgow

Dr Jeff Aronson, Oxford

Dr Mansel Heaney, Salford

1345-1545 Aspects of Osteoporosis

Beckman Coulter UK Symposium

1545 Coffee

1615-1700 Plenary

Obesity, A New Disease?
Dr I Farooqi, Cambridge

1700-1730 Attended Poster Session