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Monday 30th April

Mon 09.00 - 16.00 (Cadmium Room)
Training Day
Organised by the ACB Education committe for those studying for examinations. After the initial session trainees will be divided into two groups; those immediately pre-MRCPath with more than three years experience and those who are more junior. Topics covered this year will be:
• Diabetes: National Service Framework, Dr W G John, London
• Renal function, Dr D J Newman, London
• Toxicology, Dr B Widdop, Dr R J Flannagan, London
• Biological variation and reference ranges, Dr J M Wardell, Doncaster

Mon 13.00 - 16.00 (Mercury Room)
Update Sessions
Popular sessions for more senior professionals
• Toxicology and how to give clinical advice, Dr A Jones, London (U1)
• Intensive care unit biochemistry, Dr P Gosling, Birmingham (U2)

Mon 13.00 - 16.00 (Rhodium Room)
Management Sessions
These sessions run in parallel with the Update Sessions. Early booking is recommended.
• Establishment of quality management systems, Dr D Burnett, Cardiff (M1)
• Preparation of business cases, Mrs P Cusick, Dr I Fry, Frimley (M2)

Mon 17.30 (Platinum Room 3/4)
AGM of the Federation of Clinical Scientists

Mon 18.15 (Platinum Room 3/4)
AGM of the Association of Clinical Biochemists

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